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You’re driving a little too fast down Ford Road in Canton to buy some new furniture at IKEA on Sunday afternoon. All of a sudden, you see the flashing red and blue lights of a Canton police car pulling you over. Uh oh! Speeding ticket time.

The speeding ticket might come with points on your record. Is there anything you can do to take care of it?

Give us a call at (734) 883-9584 and we can fight the ticket for you. You don’t need to go to Court – we can go on your behalf.

We can speak with the prosecutor with the goal of getting a reduction to save points and a nasty looking infraction on your record.

Or, where the ticket was written in error, we can hold the formal hearing on the ticket. A formal hearing is like a trial for a traffic ticket. The police officer and any witnesses may testify. You can testify in your own defense if you choose. The prosecution must prove by what’s called a preponderance of the evidence that the civil infraction was committed. The judge makes the final call, there is no jury.

Traffic tickets in Canton are handled in the 35th District Court.

Here is a list of fines and costs for civil infraction tickets in the Court.

The 35th District Court also process traffic tickets received in Plymouth, Plymouth Township, Northville, and Northville Township. Judge Gerou, Judge Lowe, and Judge Plakas preside in the Court.

For more information, read the Court’s Traffic Division web page on how civil infraction tickets are handled at the Court and your options.

Call us at (734) 883-9584 to see how we can help. An attorney can go to Court for you. If you’re looking for a reduction, there is no need to take the time off work for Court – we will handle everything for you.

Contact ArborYpsi Law at (734) 883-9584 or at to speak with attorney Sam Bernstein if you have received a traffic ticket in Canton.

Read More: ArborYpsi Law’s Main Page on Traffic Tickets

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It has been a couple of days since Sam represented my son in Washtenaw County. He gave me the miracle I prayed for. He did way more than I thought was possible and as I told him on the phone I would hug him if I could. If you ever need a good lawyer, this guy is the one to hire – and his prices are...


Sam took my call and consulted me immediately. He provided fair pricing for the legal services I was requiring. I hired him about a week before my case, he still took on the case load and did amazing work. He is an excellent attorney and a friendly person to be in the court room with when you’re in...


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