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Monroe County sees a lot of traffic tickets due to the presence of Michigan State Police Troopers who patrol near the border of Ohio and Michigan. We’ve represented many commercial license holders and truckers who received tickets from Toledo to Milan and Flat Rock, near Erie, and all along 23 and 24 in Monroe County.

 Don’t Let Traffic Tickers Hurt Your Record – Call 734-883-9584

Your commercial driver’s license is a valuable assets. The license is your livelihood. Protection of the commercial is a priority. We will help protect your commercial license from the impact of trucking ticket.

We Will Take Care of the Traffic Ticket For You

We can appear in court on your behalf without your presence. As a professional driver, you do not have the time to reroute and be present for a court hearing. We are able to appear in court without you. There is no need to change your schedule to accommodate the traffic ticket.

Give us a call,  get us the ticket, and we will take care of the rest. We will coordinate with the Court to schedule a hearing. We’ll keep you posted on when the hearing will take place. You stay by your phone around the hearing time so we can call and touch base from the court.

Monroe Traffic Ticket Lawyers – 734-883-9584

Many truckers and commercial drivers receive tickets for

  • Speeding
  • Exceeding weight limits
  • Improper Lane Use

Many tickets come with points that will go on your driving record and be seen by employers and insurance companies. The goal is generally to get a reduction to a ticket without such impact. For example, an impeding traffic or double parking ticket will not show up on a driving record. Such a ticket would not leave the court house, meaning the Secretary of State will never find out you got a ticket.

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Call attorney Sam Bernstein at 734-883-9584 or e-mail at Sam Bernstein is a traffic ticket and traffic violations lawyer. He focuses on helping drivers protect their licenses from civil infractions, misdemeanor, and other traffic issues.

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