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Get Your Driver's License Back - Let a Professional Ann Arbor License Restoration Lawyer Help

If you have several DUI convictions and your license is suspended, it can be challenging and difficult to get your driver’s license restored. However, all is not lost - help is available from ArborYpsi Law. To get your license back, Ann Arbor license restoration lawyer Sam Bernstein will attend the hearing with you at the Secretary of State’s office. At this hearing, an officer will listen to all the evidence presented and decide whether your license should be reinstated. It will be important to also prove during this hearing that you are sober and dedicated to maintaining your sobriety.

Driver presents drivers license

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Get My License Back in Michigan?

An Ann Arbor license restoration lawyer can help guide you through the process of getting your license restored. Below are the three main factors that the Secretary of State’s office looks for before reinstating your license.

  1. Documentation of Sobriety - If you attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), regularly sign the attendance sheet to show that you participate in these meetings. A well-known program like AA is credible, and when you are in your hearing, be prepared to speak about how it has helped you. We recommend that you attend AA meetings three to four times a week. Since the program is free and has convenient locations all over, attending meetings should be easy. Additionally, having a sponsor is helpful as they can mentor you. If AA isn’t right for you, you may be able to do in-patient treatment or counseling to satisfy this requirement instead.
  2. Evidence of Support - You will need to provide three to six letters from people who can validate your sobriety, including those who see you turn down drinks. The overall quality of the letters is more important than sheer quantity. For example, a letter from a priest whom you see every year has less weight than a letter from a sponsor whom you meet with weekly.
  3. Be Ready for the Hearing - Remember that the Secretary of State’s hearing examiner will not return your license unless you demonstrate at least 12 months of sobriety. However, people with a long history of alcohol abuse may be required to show more than 12 months.

How Can An Ann Arbor License Restoration Lawyer Help Me Get My License Back?

There are three ways that our team can help you get your driver’s license back:

  1. We will organize and complete all documentation that is required for the hearing. The Secretary of State will require you to provide documentation showing that you are sober. If you make any technical mistakes when presenting this information, it can lead to a denial.
  2. We will help you prepare for the hearing, including coaching you with questions that the hearing officer will ask. Preparation is essential when attending these types of hearings.
  3. If the Secretary of State turns down your request, we will appeal to the circuit court.

Even if you lose your hearing, rest assured that an Ann Arbor license restoration attorney knows how to properly mitigate this, as some hearing officers will deny your restoration request for unfair or arbitrary reasons. Instead of accepting this loss, ArborYpsi will help file an appeal to argue your case in front of a judge.

ArborYpsi Law Can Help You Start Driving Again

Sam Bernstein, an Ann Arbor license restoration lawyer at ArborYpsi Law, will work with you to help prepare you for this hearing in front of the Michigan Secretary of State. Our team will thoroughly gather all evidence, prepare you to speak, answer questions at the hearing and diligently work to help you get your driver’s license restored. If you are facing a license restoration hearing, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.