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Romulus Criminal Defense Attorney

Many of our clients charged with airport crimes in Romulus are from out-of-state. Often, we can represent you in court without your presence. We recognize it is difficult and inconvenient for you to travel back to Michigan to deal with a case.

Give us a call about your case. We will coordinate with the court to save you from getting another plane ticket and taking off work to return to Michigan.

Romulus Airport Crimes

We’ve represented many clients accused of crimes at the airport. There are two common situations we always see.

  • Passenger forgot he had a gun or knife in bag before going through security
  • Passenger charged with disorderly conduct after drinking a bit too much on the plane

There are ways to keep criminal convictions off your record. Give us a call at 734.883.9584 and we will walk you through your options in a free initial consultation.

DUI & OWI Defense in Romulus

Learn about your rights and the law:

Romulus Traffic Ticket Attorney

We’ve gone to court for countless people who have received traffic tickets. We can go to court on your behalf. You do not need to be there. Simply give us call, give us your ticket, and we will do the rest. Don’t settle for points on your record. We can get rid of those points.

Commercial Driver’s License

Many of our traffic ticket clients are commercial drivers. The penalties for commercial drivers are always steeper than the normal commuter. We have saved truckers and trucking companies from Michigan and out-of-state thousands of dollars in points and fines over the years.

Contact Us

Call us at 734-883-9584 or e-mail at to speak with attorney Sam Bernstein. Initial consultation are always free. ArborYpsi Law is located 4158 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48108. We are a short 20 minute drive from this court and appear there frequently.

34th District Court in Romulus

The 34th District Court in Romulus handles cases arising in Belleville, Van Buren Twsp, Sumpter Twsp, Huron Twsp, Romulus, and the airport. The judges presiding at this location are Judge Parrot, Judge Green, and Judge Oakley. The court has jurisdiction over civil infractions and misdemeanors. The court also has jurisdiction over the beginning stages of felony cases. Felony cases moving past the preliminary exam stage proceed to the Wayne County Circuit Court.