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Romulus Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Don’t Let a Romulus Traffic Ticket Hurt Your Driving Record

Have you received a traffic ticket in Romulus or at the airport? Give us a call to see how we can help you.

You Do Not Need to Appear in Court. We Will Do Everything for You

There are many police officers around Romulus, especially with the airport and the I-94 and I-275 highways. Many people receive traffic tickets in this area. The police officers in this area are known for writing tickets up for many infractions.

We will speak with the prosecutor and work out a deal to get rid of the points and protect your driving record. The goal is for a ticket that does not come with points, stays off your record, and won’t be seen by your insurance company. We have a high success rate at this court. We guarantee you will be happy with our services.

Call for Romulus Traffic Tickets and Airport Traffic Tickets

It is worth your money to contest a traffic ticket. Don’t let points go on your record.

Tickets received in Romulus, Belleville, Sumpter Township, Huron Township, and Van Buren Township are handled in the 34th District Court in Romulus. Here is a list of fines for civil infraction tickets in the court.

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Call (734) 883-9584 or e-mail at bernstein@arborypsilaw.com to speak with Sam Bernstein.

Types of tickets you may have received:

  • Speeding
  • Limited access speeding
  • Disregard traffic control device
  • Failure to keep assured distance
  • Careless driving
  • Improper lane use
  • Failed to yield – emergency vehicle
  • Failure to yield – right of way, among others.

These are civil infractions – meaning these are not criminal offenses.

If you were charged with a traffic misdemeanor, this would be a criminal offense. A misdemeanor is more serious than a civil infraction traffic ticket.

Client Reviews
Sam was a helpful lawyer who is a man of his word. He helped in our cases 2 times in a row with successful outcomes. I could not think of a better lawyer who is always on time to court, good attitude, smart, and honest. He is respectful and answers all of the questions we had. Two cases were both a success thanks to Sam Gigi
It has been a couple of days since Sam represented my son in Washtenaw County. He gave me the miracle I prayed for. He did way more than I thought was possible and as I told him on the phone I would hug him if I could. If you ever need a good lawyer, this guy is the one to hire – and his prices are very very reasonable. I wish him much prosperity and a good life. He made my life happy for the first time in a long time and I cannot thank him enough. Linda
Sam took my call and consulted me immediately. He provided fair pricing for the legal services I was requiring. I hired him about a week before my case, he still took on the case load and did amazing work. He is an excellent attorney and a friendly person to be in the court room with when you’re in a stressful situation. Devon