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Criminal Defense is our focus at ArborYpsi Law. Every single day we strive to live up to our ideal of what a criminal defense lawyer should be.

No Judgment Zone

It feels like the whole world is against you when you’re charged with a crime. The prosecutors, police, probation agents, judges, jailers, and society bias all work against you.

We do not judge anything about you. A criminal defense attorney is lost and ineffective as soon as judgment is made of the client.

The only people you have in your corner is your family, friends, and your lawyer. You cannot afford to have a lawyer who judges your actions.

Never Been a Prosecutor

Many criminal defense attorneys advertise their past work as a prosecutor. I do the opposite. I have never been a prosecutor in any capacity. From the start it has always been criminal defense. It will always be defense. No amount of money in the world could convince me to be a prosecutor.

Anything is Possible

You will never hear the words out of my mouth, “there’s no way to challenge this case” or “you will never win.” There’s always a challenge to a case – it’s called a trial.

We’ll certainly make sure you understand the consequences of trial v. plea bargain for you to make an informed choice. You’ll be given an honest evaluation if your case. I’m going to tell you if you might look bad in front of a jury. After that, it’s your call. If you want a trial we will go to trial.

Our Commitment is to You

The first commitment of a criminal defense lawyer is to the client. It is not our job to make the judge’s or the prosecutor’s life easier. We don’t pressure clients to plead to keep the wheels of the system moving. Our job is not to work within the system. A real criminal defense lawyer is not a part of the system.

We of course work to maintain a relationship with prosecutors and judges because that helps the client. There are many good judges and prosecutors who work to help our clients and other people in your shoes. However, a criminal defense lawyer should never put his relationship with anyone else above the interests of the client.

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