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Hiring an attorney is an important decision. You’re giving your trust and money to a stranger to handle a matter that is sensitive, personal, and with consequences on the line.

What Should You Expect From An Attorney?

Hard Work

At the risk of sounding corny, there is no substitute for hard work. Hard work is the foundation of success.

For example, at the start of a drunk driving case, I complete the same routine. First, I physically go to the scene of the arrest. I watch every minute of every video, making a timeline of events. I read each police report several times.

Following a review of the prosecution’s evidence, I go back to the client to check with their understanding of this evidence. The client’s understanding of events might differ from the prosecution’s evidence. I then return to a review of the prosecution’s evidence to determine the verifiable facts v. contested facts of the case.

When hiring at attorney, ask the attorney if they will visit the spot of the DUI arrest. Will the attorney map out the driving route the client took before the arrest? Ask the attorney why it would be important to see the scene of a DUI arrest in-person.

Ask the attorney if there will be Freedom of Information Act Requests sent to police agencies or will there just be reliance on whatever materials are provided by the prosecutor.


We will discuss the case in detail with you. You deserve to have the case, law, and procedure explained in detail. I am in constant communication with many clients, through phone, e-mail, and text messages. At several key points in the proceeding, I am available to sit down for a thorough explanation of where the case stands and the options from that point.

I cannot stress the importance of this practice enough. A lawyer is not doing their job if the client does not understand what is happening in the case. We will not talk down to you and use big lawyer words to keep you in the dark about what we do. You will get a straightforward and simple explanation.

A Lawyer Should Be Willing To Go The Distance

A lawyer should be willing to go the distance for you. This means putting in the time and effort you deserve to get the best possible result. In many cases, I have gone to court several times just to work out deals in routine matters.

When a case is headed for trial, I spend hours and hours simply brainstorming strategy before the even I begin the nuts and bolts of trial preparation.

Don’t settle for a one-sentence, “there’s no way to challenge this case.” Of course, there’s a way to challenge a case. The Constitution even talks about it – it’s called a trial.

Be wary of the lawyer who tells you there’s nothing to do on the case, especially if you’ve indicated a willingness to go to trial. You have the absolute right to trial. A lawyer’s job is to ensure you understand the law and consequences, as well as providing candid advice. However, there’s a difference between providing candid advice and pressuring a client to plead guilty.

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