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Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends Non-Citizens

At ArborYpsi Law, our Ann Arbor criminal defense lawyer practices the criminal defense of non-citizens. A criminal conviction for a non-citizen can result in deportation. For the non-citizen charged with a crime, the immigration consequences of a conviction are often more severe than the criminal penalties. As a result, the goals of the representation become more focused on the impact that a conviction will have on immigration status. 

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ArborYpsi Law Promise to Non-Citizens Charged with a Crime

At ArborYpsi Law we have defended Non-citizens that have been charged with criminal charges countless times. Many of our Non-citizen clients cases resulted in continued citizenship in the United States. In fact, one client's case was dismissed after we worked diligently on the case. We know that when a Non-citizen is charged with a crime that their way of life is at stake. This is because if found guilty of a crime, especially a felony, a Non-citizen can be deported to their native country. For most non-citizens deportation is not an option. They have careers, homes, and families in the United States that can not be deported with them. That is why at ArborYpsi Law you have our promise that we will work tirelessly to defend Non-Citizen clients who have been charged with a crime. 

Criminal Defense of Non-citizens

The Supreme Court case of Padilla v. Kentucky outlines the basic minimum obligations for criminal defense attorneys in advising non-citizen clients. At ArborYpsi Law, we do more. Our criminal defense lawyers develop a defense designed with the immigration goals at the forefront of the representation.

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