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Charged with a Crime in Michigan?

Read about the criminal charges listed below and learn more. At Criminal Defense Law Firm, ArborYpsi Law, we have experience fighting a variety of criminal charges. We have gone to courts across the Metro-Detroit area resulting in hundreds of traffic tickets dismissed. We have represented hundreds of clients on misdemeanor offenses and had the charges thrown-out. Many of our clients have hired us for a license restoration. Again, we fought for our clients and in-time they received their legal driver’s license back. We have taken domestic violence cases to jury trials and bench trials and obtained not guilty verdicts. We have challenged multiple OWI cases and had them dismissed. We have had cases where our clients were charged with criminal sexual conduct. After investigating the case, interviewing the clients, and fighting in court the cases were dismissed. 

Driving Under the Influence

Drug Crimes

Traffic Offenses

Retail Fraud

Assault Crimes

Firearms and Weapons

More Crimes

Vulnerable Adult Abuse


More Driving Under the Influence: Specifics

Controlled Substances