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College Student Sexual Misconduct

Ann Arbor Sex Crime Law Firm Handles College Student Sexual Misconduct Investigations College student stopped by police

Michigan universities commonly investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, to include sexual harassment or sexual assault between students. Sexual assault can include anything from unwanted sexual activity and touching to rape. Sexual harassment is unwanted verbal or physical sexual advances. If the investigation shows that the student did commit these allegations, schools have the right to suspend or expel the students from the college. With a student’s education at stake, it’s important to consult with an Ann Arbor college sex crime law firm as quickly as possible.

Each university has different policies and procedures when it comes to investigating these types of claims. While these may be somewhat similar to legal principles, they could also be unique to the college or university. ArborYpsi Law, an experienced Ann Arbor sex crime attorney, can help you fight a Title IX sexual misconduct case.

Title IX Investigations: Our Ann Arbor Sex Crime Lawyers Can Help You Prepare

Most colleges and universities, including Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan, use an investigator model to handle school investigations. Under this model, an investigator speaks separately to both parties - the student that is accused and the accuser.

In some cases, the investigator may provide select details to the accused student and conduct an in-person interview during which the student will make a statement and answer questions. It isn’t until after the meeting that the student is told about the allegations in their entirety and then the student can respond to those claims in writing. The accused student is allowed to question the accuser through the investigator and all of this is handled in private.

Since sexual crimes have gained more nationwide exposure, many universities are required to hold live hearings where the accuser will provide testimony and they are subsequently questioned. Accordingly, our Ann Arbor college sex crime attorneys will work hard to protect the accused student’s reputation.

Know Your Rights Under the Law

If you are a student who is facing a Title IX sexual misconduct hearing, it is important that you hire an experienced Ann Arbor college sex crime law firm to handle your case. After all, your entire college education and future could very well depend on proving your innocence.

Sexual misconduct comes in many forms, including unwanted touching, written statements, cyber bullying, verbal acts, unwanted advances, spreading sexual rumors, voyeurism, stalking, physical threats and even exhibitionism. Sexual harassment at colleges can be done not just by students but also by faculty, staff and school officials.

Each college has different Title IX policies and procedures. Please view the links to each college for specific information on how they handle these types of cases.

Work With an Experienced Ann Arbor Sex Crime Law Firm

Contact attorney Sam Bernstein at ArborYpsi Law, an experienced Ann Arbor sex crime lawyer. Our team can help represent students, teachers, faculty, and staff accused of Title IX policy violations. These serious allegations could ultimately cost you your college career or your job. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can help defend you in these proceedings.

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