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Work With An Ann Arbor Criminal Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

There are many different defenses when it comes to criminal charges in Michigan. At ArborYpsi Law, Ann Arbor criminal lawyer, Sam Bernstein, will develop a comprehensive legal strategy to protect your legal rights. Every legal case is unique, but there are common defenses that we can use to help aid in your defense.


Arrests and Charges an Ann Arbor Criminal Lawyers Handles:

Defenses Your Ann Arbor Defense Attorney Will Consider for Your Case 

A criminal conviction may impact many areas of your life. Areas of impact include immigration status, driver's license, and professional licenses. You will receive information on these consequences. We will take them into account when we advise you on the best course of action.

Challenging Evidence

We could suppress evidence if the police obtained evidence in violation of your rights. For example, if the police pulled you over without a valid legal reason, we can get any evidence obtained thrown out.


An alibi is your claim that you were somewhere else when the alleged crime occurred. A defense attorney can submit a notice of your alibi to the court in your defense.

Self Defense

Criminal Defense lawyer talks to client

In an assault and battery case, a person may use force in self-defense if the person honestly and reasonably believes self-defense is necessary. Self-defense must be proportionate to the situation.

  • If I honestly and reasonably think someone is going to punch me, I can punch them first.
  • I can punch someone who has punched me if I'm concerned about being punched again.
  • However, if someone punches me, I can't take out a gun and shoot the person. This would be over and above self-defense.

Mistake of Law or Lack of Intent

Many crimes contain an element of specific intent. Not having that specific intent means you are not guilty of the crime. A good example would be if you thought you had permission to borrow a car, and then you are charged with stealing the car. The lack of intent to steal the car would clear you of the crime.

Burden of Proof

The prosecution has the burden of proof in criminal cases, which means if they cannot prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then you cannot be convicted in court. The job of a defense attorney is to raise doubts in the prosecution's case. 

Diminished Capacity or Insanity Defense

If you committed a crime under diminished mental capacity, it might help to mitigate your sentencing. While actual insanity cases are extremely rare and difficult to prove, the primary definition is that if someone is mentally ill and genuinely doesn't know what they are doing is wrong, they may qualify for an insanity defense.

Statute of Limitations

Under Michigan law, some criminal offenses are subject to a statute of limitations while others fall under Theresa Flores's Law and may be filed at any time. A criminal defense attorney can help you determine if the statute of limitations has expired.  

Unconstitutional Search, Interrogation, or Seizure

The Constitution guarantees people the protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. If the police violated your constitutional rights, then any evidence found is excluded from trial. We will thoroughly examine your case to determine if your rights have been violated and use this to your advantage.

Contact an Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime in Michigan, contact an experienced Ann Arbor criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule a free case consultation with our experienced defense lawyer, Sam Bernstein.

Being charged with a crime can make your world feel like it has been turned upside down. We won't let that happen. ArborYpsi Law will be with you every step of the way. From your first phone call, we will explain the law and your options. Initial consultations are always free. Based in Ann Arbor, we appear in courts in Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Saline, Plymouth, Romulus, and throughout Metro Detroit.